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The Kraamzorg choice:

The UK is one of the only places in the developed world where new mums usually have to cope and manage the start of their baby’s life with little or no support.

When we’re expecting a baby here, we’re told to brace ourselves. After a short hospital stay, an exhausting, demanding, worrying time after birth is seen as normal. We’ve learnt to believe that this is what life with a new baby is like. But any parent in Holland, for example, where Kraamzorg care is available as standard, will tell you that birth experiences are very different here in the UK to elsewhere.

We want to offer you an alternative: the same positive, relaxing transition from pregnancy through birth and into a new life with your baby that many other women in Europe and the wider world get to enjoy.

The Kraamzorg UK team of trained midwives and maternity support workers train in the special kind of continuity of care that other cultures give to new mums and offer the same to families in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Liverpool.

Providing practical, nurturing and consistent antenatal and postnatal care to mums, babies and their families, we give more parents the chance to enjoy what is considered a right in other places: a stress-free, restful, happy and rewarding time with their new baby and family.

We offer inclusive packages of support to provide:


Home visits to help you with birth planning and to emotionally and practically prepare you for the birth experience you want.


Your NHS-trained carer can act as a Doula with a difference to advocate for your needs and support you through your delivery.



Nurturing and practical support in your home combined with knowledgeable experience to help you, your baby and your family enjoy the best start together.

For grandparents 

We know it’s harder than ever for grandparents to help our children as much as we wish we could. We live further apart and often have demanding jobs ourselves. Talk to us about how to gift a package of care that can either be there when you can’t or complement the support you’re looking forward to providing after the arrival of your grandchild.


I felt so safe knowing that I had a competent person to help me in the comfort of my own home. It was a great experience and a fantastic support to me.”

Mrs R., Hale, Cheshire