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Welcome to kraamzorg uk

Congratulations on your pregnancy

Whether it’s your first baby, or a further addition to your family, you may experience lots of emotions, from excitement about meeting your newborn, to being nervous about the birth.

You may have given your birth plan a lot of thought. You might even have your entire baby kit ready, but have you thought about what’s going to happen for the first week or two after your baby arrives?

Those first few weeks are an essential time for you to bond with your baby and recover from the birth. This can, and should, be a very enjoyable time but it can also be challenging, exhausting and emotional. We believe that mums and dads should have the opportunity to enjoy these precious weeks with their newborn, free from the pressures of everyday life and supported in the challenges a new baby may bring. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to kraamzorg uk.

Care for families with newborns

kraamzorg uk is a service designed to care for you, your baby and your family after the birth. We will provide a “kraamzorg” – a qualified maternity carer who will support you and your newborn during those vital early weeks at home.

Your kraamzorg will visit you daily for the first week or two after birth, staying for several hours and giving you hands-on practical and emotional support.

They will be there to give you guidance on how to care for your baby, from establishing feeding, to showing you the correct sleeping positions and the best way to bathe your newborn. They’ll answer questions and help reassure you.

We believe that new mums shouldn’t be weighed down by chores either! Your kraamzorg will take care of light housework, prepare light meals for you and your family and keep your family home running smoothly.

Your kraamzorg will be there to quietly support you, giving you quality time with your new family and the chance to rest.

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